Scranton Car Crash

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary says that an "accident" is an "unforeseen or unplanned event or circumstance," but may also be "an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance."

In my experience, most "accidents" have all these qualities - yes, they are unforeseen and unplanned - but that does not mean that they were unforeseeable or unpreventable. In many cases, a Scranton car crash could have been avoided had the responsible party exercised proper caution and taken preventive measures. Perhaps it is true that the person responsible did not see or plan for the danger, but it can be true, simultaneously, that that person could have and should have done so.

As your Scranton car crash lawyer, I can work with accident reconstruction experts and other professionals to pinpoint the exact cause of a Scranton car crash and therefore prove the other driver's responsibility. Whether that person was violating a traffic law, speeding, driving recklessly, driving exhausted, driving drunk, racing, driving while distracted or using a cell phone, his or her "careless or ignorance" has become the cause of your suffering.

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