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  • Scranton Theft Attorney
    Scranton Theft Attorney

    It's Halloween, and if the pumpkins and goblins don't help you remember, then an article in today's Times-Tribune might make it difficult for you to forget. The article deals with the age-old issue of ...

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  • Scranton Premises Liability
    Scranton Premises Liability

    We've all seen them, right? I'm talking about the warnings on lighters or fuel containers saying, "Caution: Flammable," or on household cleaners saying, "Caution: Do not spray in eyes." Really? ...

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  • Scranton Serious Injury
    Scranton Serious Injury

    Today's Times-Tribune reports recent polls showing that a majority of Pennsylvanians believe our state is on the wrong track, with nearly three quarters of us rating our state government as fair or ...

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  • Luzerne County Personal Injury
    Luzerne County Personal Injury

    Today's Times Leader informed readers about a strange series of events that allegedly included a man's taking an unwilling passenger on a high-speed drive, his forcing the passenger to jump from a ...

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  • Scranton Medical Malpractice
    Scranton Medical Malpractice

    As swine flu becomes a national health emergency and as families continue to wait for vaccines to become available, the Times-Tribune reports that absentee rates in our local schools are on the rise, ...

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  • Scranton White Collar Crime
    Scranton White Collar Crime

    Much like mafia families having been glamorized on TV and in the movies, white collar criminals have sometimes been depicted in enticing ways by the entertainment industry. A brand new show on the USA ...

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