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  • Drive-By Shooting
    Drive-By Shooting

    Wilkes-Barre Drive-By Shooting. Cities have been plagued by gun violence for years and have left police and investigators baffled as to the means to prevent and stop the violence. A common form of ...

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  • Traffic Stop Could Lead to Drug Charges
    Traffic Stop Could Lead to Drug Charges

    When a police officer stops a motor vehicle during a traffic or speeding violation, it is important for the driver to remain calm and to be respectful with the officer. Suspicious activity and ...

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  • Attempted Kidnapping
    Attempted Kidnapping

    State Police Investigate Attempted Kidnapping . Kidnapping is the crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by either force or by fraud , or seizing and detaining a person against his or ...

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  • Felony Weapon Charges
    Felony Weapon Charges

    Felony Charges. A convicted felon found in possession of a firearm faces serious criminal charges regardless of the intended use or lack of use of the weapon. Longer sentences and heavier fines apply ...

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  • Employee Steals from Gentex Corporation
    Employee Steals from Gentex Corporation

    Theft involves the unlawful taking of another's property and is one of the highest invasions of property rights. In some cases, a person you know and trust may take what is rightfully yours without ...

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  • Scranton Bar Stabbing
    Scranton Bar Stabbing

    Scranton Police Search for Suspect in Bar Stabbing. Assault is the knowing or intentional infliction of bodily harm upon another. Aggravated assault is more serious than simple assault and usually ...

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