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  • Scranton Drug Bust
    Scranton Drug Bust

    After what Scranton law enforcement officials are calling a "significant" drug bust Friday night, police are warning other dealers that the city is cracking down on drug activity. According to this ...

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  • Scranton Auto Injury: Should I Seek an Attorney?
    Scranton Auto Injury: Should I Seek an Attorney?

    Traffic jams due to auto accidents are frustrating and stressful, but unfortunately, they are also very commonplace in NEPA. Today's Times-Tribune reports about an accident that tied up traffic Friday ...

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  • Scott Township Burglaries
    Scott Township Burglaries

    Home burglaries are one of the most shocking and unnerving crimes that can plague a seemingly safe and peaceful neighborhood. Breaking into a home and stealing the valuable belongings of others, or ...

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