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  • 5 of the Most Common Internet Crimes
    5 of the Most Common Internet Crimes

    These days, it seems that the internet is everything. From smart phones to tablets, we access the web more often now than ever before and while it certainly has its perks, the internet is also a ...

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  • Man Accused of Teen Rape
    Man Accused of Teen Rape

    Rape is the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force, duress, or undue influence to engage in sexual intercourse where consent of the victim is not given or where the victim is incapable ...

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  • Internet Crime in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton
    Internet Crime in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton

    Internet crime occurs when a person uses the internet as the main means to commit a crime. Being convicted of an internet crime could have devastating effects on your ability to live your life the way ...

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  • Scranton Sex Crimes
    Scranton Sex Crimes

    I have been writing a bit lately about the social stigma of criminal accusations and about the difficulty individuals often have establishing their innocence after the public, or sometimes even the ...

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  • Luzerne County Felony Defense
    Luzerne County Felony Defense

    It's probably not a great idea for a Luzerne County felony defense attorney to read the public comments that follow news articles detailing successful defense strategies lawyers use to advocate on ...

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  • Stroudsburg, PA Criminal Lawyer
    Stroudsburg, PA Criminal Lawyer

    Being arrested for any crime is scary and intimidating. One of the most important steps you can take immediately after your arrest is to involve an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your case to ...

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