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Luzerne County Felony Defense

It's probably not a great idea for a Luzerne County felony defense attorney to read the public comments that follow news articles detailing successful defense strategies lawyers use to advocate on behalf of their clients. Everyone is an expert, especially regarding high-profile cases, and the professionals advocating on behalf of the accused are often denigrated right along with their client.

Nonetheless, read them I do, on occasion. When I do, I remember why I became a Luzerne County felony defense lawyer in the first place.

When a person is accused of a crime, he is innocent until proven guilty. But in the eyes of the public - and often even of his friends and family - he becomes guilty upon accusation. No matter what the courts say, his reputation will never be the same. An accused person is a tremendously vulnerable person, and is one who deserves the benefit of a vigorous defense.

Working as a Luzerne County felony defense attorney is something of which I am proud. I suspect that on the day that any one of the public commenters mentioned above is accused of a crime he did not commit, he will be grateful that there are people like Luzerne County felony defense lawyers who suspend judgment and who pour their energy and intellect into constructing the best possible defense for their clients.

If you have been charged with a felony in Luzerne County, then contact a Luzerne County felony defense attorney at Rogan Law to speak with someone who believes deeply in your right to a passionate and unrelenting defense.