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Scranton White Collar Crime Lawyer

At the University of Scranton, students of criminal justice can earn three credits studying white collar crime, "including corporate misdeeds, political corruption, occupational illegalities and upperworld deviance." Sounds fascinating, right?

Studying crime and criminals can be quite interesting, but the day to day reality of Scranton white collar crime is usually much more mundane. One bad choice leads to another and another, and a cycle of corruption is born.

Other times, associates of the corrupt are swept up in law enforcement investigations. In these cases, a Scranton white collar crime lawyer who can establish your innocence and protect your rights is a must.

Rogan Law offers aggressive defense skills to clients facing misdemeanor or felony Scranton white collar crime charges. Please contact a Scranton white collar crime attorney at Rogan Law today for a free case consultation.

Don't wait until local or federal investigators have accumulated enough evidence to present a compelling case against you. Contact a Scranton white collar crime lawyer at Rogan Law today.