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  • Serious Injury Attorney for NEPA
    Serious Injury Attorney for NEPA

    Over the past few weeks, I, like most Americans, have been following with interest the story of the Tucson shooting. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords , who was shot during a townhall meeting outside a ...

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  • NEPA Dog Bite Lawyer
    NEPA Dog Bite Lawyer

    My niece and her family recently returned from a trip through Southern Appalachia, where they spent significant time in a mountain cabin in western North Carolina. Before going, they read many books ...

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  • Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer
    Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer

    According to recent polls, msnbc reports that Americans are split almost down the middle on whether Congress should pass or reject the health care plan upon which they are preparing to vote. ...

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  • Poconos Dog Bite Lawyer
    Poconos Dog Bite Lawyer

    Lots of people have a story about a dog. Most of the time, the story involves a deep friendship and plenty of love. Scientists have even suggested links between people's experiences with their pets ...

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