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Lackawanna County Courthouse Crime Watch Focuses on Scranton White Collar Crime

The Times-Tribune reports that the new Lackawanna County Courthouse Crime Watch campaign has collected about 50 letters from concerned citizens regarding public corruption. The activist responsible for the crime watch estimates that 60 percent of these letters contain information that might be helpful to state and federal agencies involved with investigating Scranton white collar crime.

Whether or how those government agencies will act on the information contained in the letters remains to be seen, but in the meantime, if you believe you might be a person under suspicion for committing a Scranton white collar crime, then you should not hesitate to contact a skilled Scranton white collar crime lawyer.

A Scranton white collar crime attorney from Rogan Law can help you even before charges have been filed against you. In fact, you need to get started before charges are filed because, in most cases, investigators will have worked to accumulate a substantial amount of evidence before they file any charges.

Rogan Law offers aggressive defense skills to clients facing misdemeanor or felony Scranton white collar crime charges. Contact a Scranton white collar crime lawyer at Rogan Law today to schedule a free case consultation.