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  • Serious Injury Attorney for NEPA

    || 25-Jan-2011

    Over the past few weeks, I, like most Americans, have been following with interest the story of the Tucson shooting. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot during a townhall meeting outside a Safeway grocery store on January 8, has enthralled the nation with her fighter's spirit and compelling will to make a recovery, but for each positive milestone she reaches in her recuperation, we ...
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  • Birth Injury Lawyer in Scranton

    || 30-Oct-2010

    The anticipation of the birth of a baby is a time of excitement, joy, and wonder. Expectant parents dream about the moment they will first hold their child, the moment the baby learns to sit up, to walk, and to talk. Most new moms and dads will say that the only thing that matters to them is that the baby is healthy. When a baby suffers birth injuries due to the negligence of the attending ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre Personal Injury Lawyer

    || 9-Jun-2010

    A Wilkes-Barre personal injury lawyer has many professional and ethical responsibilities to fulfill on behalf of clients who are seeking justice in civil court for physical and/or emotional injuries caused by someone else's conduct. When you are searching for a Wilkes-Barre personal injury attorney, you want to find someone who will dedicate significant time and energy in asserting your ...
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  • Medical Injury Lawyer, Scranton

    || 25-Mar-2010

    As a medical injury lawyer in Scranton, I pay close attention to healthcare law. A little more than an hour ago, the Senate approved historic healthcare legislation that the House of Representatives will confirm in a final vote this evening. The journey to this moment has been long and complex - msnbc has an excellent explanatory timeline if you'd like to look back at how events unfolded. ...
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  • Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer

    || 17-Mar-2010

    According to recent polls, msnbc reports that Americans are split almost down the middle on whether Congress should pass or reject the health care plan upon which they are preparing to vote. Considerable opinions have been voiced both supporting and opposing the bill, and its fate is likely close at hand. Health care is a huge issue for millions of Americans. No matter where you stand on the bill, ...
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  • Milford, Pennsylvania Injury Attorney

    || 11-Jan-2010

    The town of Milford in Pike County, PA is a lovely place nestled near the Delaware River where PA, NY and NJ meet. Because of the town's close proximity to neighboring states, residents often pursue services, such as health care, from providers across state lines. Recently, I learned that a resident of the area was looking for a medical malpractice attorney to pursue a claim that originated in ...
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  • Scranton Birth Injury Attorney

    || 17-Nov-2009

    A child is born every few minutes at our local hospitals in NEPA. Parents of newly born children experience overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness. No one anticipates needing a Scranton birth injury attorney. But when labor and delivery go wrong, newborns may suffer birth injuries, and the usual joy and happiness can become badly tainted by sadness, fear and anxiety. Such tragedies are not ...
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