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According to recent polls, msnbc reports that Americans are split almost down the middle on whether Congress should pass or reject the health care plan upon which they are preparing to vote. Considerable opinions have been voiced both supporting and opposing the bill, and its fate is likely close at hand.

Health care is a huge issue for millions of Americans. No matter where you stand on the bill, the fact is that, following a devastating accident of any kind, you are going to be looking at an incredible pile of medical bills as you work toward your recovery.

Health care is not cheap; I think that is one thing upon which everyone can agree.

If someone else caused your injuries out of negligence, intentional misconduct or some other strict liability circumstances such as the production of a defective product or dangerous drugs, then you should talk with a Scranton personal injury lawyer.

A Scranton personal injury attorney at Rogan Law can look at the specific circumstances of your case and can help determine how the responsible party can be held liable for their actions. We handle personal injury cases for our clients and dedicate all of our time and energy to asserting their rights in order to recover the highest amount of financial compensation possible - giving them what they need to begin rebuilding their lives.

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