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Birth Injury Lawyer in Scranton

The anticipation of the birth of a baby is a time of excitement, joy, and wonder. Expectant parents dream about the moment they will first hold their child, the moment the baby learns to sit up, to walk, and to talk. Most new moms and dads will say that the only thing that matters to them is that the baby is healthy.

When a baby suffers birth injuries due to the negligence of the attending physician, the heartache brought to the family is tragic. If a medical error causes your child any kind of birth trauma or birth injury, you may be legally entitled to file a Pennsylvania birth injury lawsuit against the hospital or doctor.

Every birth injury case and claim filed is different, but one thing that our cases have in common is the premier legal service you will receive from an experienced and compassionate Scranton birth injury attorney at Rogan Law. Contact a Scranton birth injury lawyer as soon as possible for your free confidential case evaluation.