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Medical Injury Lawyer, Scranton

As a medical injury lawyer in Scranton, I pay close attention to healthcare law.

A little more than an hour ago, the Senate approved historic healthcare legislation that the House of Representatives will confirm in a final vote this evening. The journey to this moment has been long and complex - msnbc has an excellent explanatory timeline if you'd like to look back at how events unfolded.

However, as this day draws to a close, I am looking ahead.

So much misinformation has circulated this past year that many people have little idea, or even an absolutely incorrect idea, of what the legislation will mean for them. I hope that most Americans will be relieved when they finally begin to experience an actual impact on their lives.

Though two of health care reform's main goals are fighting insurance company abuses and significantly reducing federal deficits, detractors continue to argue that reform will hurt our health care system and will create mountains of debt. I am interested to see both whether the reforms will achieve their stated goals and whether such achievements will have any impact at all on those who continue to vehemently reject them.

Other opponents reject the stipulation that everyone must buy into the system or must face financial penalties - penalties that will offset the high costs of emergency room visits, a common first line of defense in the health care of the uninsured. In effect, all Americans must now take some responsibility for their own care. They must support the system or they must help cover the potential costs of their not doing so. I am hoping this will prove to be a fair and effective way to manage the challenge of making sure Americans who do want insurance - most Americans - can get it.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

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