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  • Defend Your Rights against an Underage Drinking Offense

    || 30-Nov-2012

    As much as tailgating, parties, and studying are a part of college life; so is the risk of being charged with an underage drinking offense. Many high school and college students are charged with underage drinking offenses for merely being present at a party with friends and classmates. Although the drinking age is 21 in the United States, you should not feel helpless and isolated to enjoy your ...
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  • How Can I Get My Criminal Record Expunged?

    || 6-Jul-2012

    How can I get my criminal record expunged? Did you get an underage drinking offense? Want to get your DUI expunged from your record? Is a prior misdemeanor charge holding you back from getting hired by employers? In general, a criminal history record (criminal record) can be expunged when: 1. a person reaches 70 years old and hasn't had any criminal problems in 10 years; or 2. a person has ...
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  • Underage Drinking

    || 11-Mar-2012

    21 Means 21! State law requires all persons under the age of 21 to refrain from consuming alcohol! If you have been accused of underage drinking, you need an aggressive underage drinking lawyer to fight for your rights! Don't risk losing your license or college scholarship because of a careless mistake or wild party. Call a drinking offense attorney today! The Scranton Times-Tribune reports ...
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  • West Scranton Underage Drinking Charges

    || 2-Jun-2010

    The Times-Tribune reports today that police cited twenty kids from West Scranton High School for underage drinking at a post-prom party in Wayne County over the weekend. All were charged as juveniles. Juvenile charges mean that the consequences for having broken the law will likely focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Whenever you are accused of any juvenile crime, whether underage ...
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  • DUI Lawyer Scranton

    || 12-Oct-2009

    Driving under the influence of alcohol - DUI - remains a pervasive problem in our area and throughout our state. For this reason, Pennsylvania legislators have proposed that judicial districts, with support from a statewide, court-appointed DUI court coordinator and an advisory committee, be permitted to establish DUI courts as a special criminal docket that admits defendants into alcohol ...
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  • Pocono DUI Charges

    || 8-Oct-2009

    You don't have to look very far to see how negatively drunk driving affects people's lives. From the victims of drunk driving accidents and the families of those victims, to the families of drunk drivers and the drivers themselves, DUI hurts everyone involved. A recent article in the Pocono Record brought this point home. A man in his fifties - a guy who had never had legal problems, a guy ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre DUI

    || 8-Oct-2009

    Wilkes University students publish a student newspaper, The Beacon, which recently made an excellent case in favor of Wilkes-Barre's need for establishing more DUI checkpoints near Public Square. Citing accident reports and local and national statistics, an opinion piece in the paper argued that checkpoints set up every weekend in the vicinity of the square would deter drunk drivers and, ...
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  • Schuylkill County DUI Homicide

    || 1-Oct-2009

    The Times Leader reports that police arrested a Schuylkill County man this past Tuesday and charged him with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence (DUI), accidents involving death, failure to notify law enforcement authorities of an accident, two counts of driving under the influence and several traffic violations. When drunk drivers become involved with accidents that result in ...
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  • District Attorney Investigates Wyoming County School Crime

    || 27-Sep-2009

    Another incident at a local high school football game, this time involving students from Dallas Area High School, has grabbed news headlines. The Times-Tribune reports that the Wyoming County district attorney's office is investigating reports that members of the Dallas High School football team urinated on the tennis courts at Tunkhannock High School during halftime at a recent game. ...
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  • Increased Police Presence at Scranton High School Football Game

    || 4-Sep-2009

    Have you seen WNEP's report about the increased police presence scheduled for tonight's football game at Scranton's Memorial Stadium? The report states that the number of police working the game will more than double, and that rowdy students and recent gang activity are the reasons why. The school superintendent reportedly believes that policing the games more intensively will yield no ...
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  • Monroe County Juvenile Crimes

    || 6-Jul-2009

    This post about Monroe County juvenile crimes is really an addendum to an earlier entry. I recently wrote about two students from Monroe County who were accused of weapons charges. While the news media contained details about the first offender, it said little about the second, as he was 15 years old, and therefore subject to the juvenile criminal justice system. When juveniles under the age of 18 ...
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  • Many young people in northeast Pennsylvania make poor choices when it comes to drug and alcohol use. These choices can lead to criminal charges including drug possession, underage drinking and driving under the influence (DUI). The Times-Tribune recently covered the Lackawanna County district attorney's office reminder to local students to make good choices about drugs and alcohol this prom ...
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