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District Attorney Investigates Wyoming County School Crime

Another incident at a local high school football game, this time involving students from Dallas Area High School, has grabbed news headlines.

The Times-Tribune reports that the Wyoming County district attorney's office is investigating reports that members of the Dallas High School football team urinated on the tennis courts at Tunkhannock High School during halftime at a recent game.

Tunkhannock's district superintendent reportedly supports the investigation, rejecting the idea that the two districts could resolve the situation informally via conversations between the schools' principals and athletic directors. In fact, he intends to take things a step further, contacting the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) to see if they, too, will take action against the students.

Without condoning the alleged activity (yuck - what were you thinking?), I wonder whether this incident really requires getting these kids involved with the courts.

I know that if my kid were being investigated, I would hire a lawyer immediately.

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