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Schuylkill County DUI Homicide

The Times Leader reports that police arrested a Schuylkill County man this past Tuesday and charged him with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence (DUI), accidents involving death, failure to notify law enforcement authorities of an accident, two counts of driving under the influence and several traffic violations.

When drunk drivers become involved with accidents that result in injuries or deaths, they face very serious penalties. If you are arrested for a Schuylkill County DUI, Luzerne County DUI or any northeast PA DUI, then you need a skilled Wilkes-Barre criminal defense attorney to defend you. This is especially true if you were involved in an accident while driving under the influence.

Oftentimes, individuals arrested for driving under the influence lose hope because they feel there is too much evidence against them, but a good Wilkes-Barre DUI attorney will tell you there are ways of defending against these types of charges, even if breath or blood tests showed your blood alcohol content to be over the legal limit. The extent of your penalties and the skill of your Wilkes-Barre DUI lawyer are directly correlated, so it is important to choose an attorney with experience and integrity. A Wilkes-Barre criminal defense lawyer from Rogan Law will fight hard in your defense. Contact Rogan Law today.