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  • If you have been injured in Scranton, but don't know whether you have a solid case against the party that caused your injuries, then you should speak with a Scranton personal injury lawyer. An experienced Scranton personal injury attorney will tell you that establishing legal responsibility, or liability, is among the first tasks you and your attorney will need to tackle. There are really ...
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  • NEPA Dog Bite Lawyer

    || 17-Jul-2010

    My niece and her family recently returned from a trip through Southern Appalachia, where they spent significant time in a mountain cabin in western North Carolina. Before going, they read many books about the region, and some of the books included descriptions of the "mountain dogs" that roam there freely. The dogs accompany their people when they can be of service and return home daily ...
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  • Scranton Premises Liability

    || 30-Oct-2009

    We've all seen them, right? I'm talking about the warnings on lighters or fuel containers saying, "Caution: Flammable," or on household cleaners saying, "Caution: Do not spray in eyes." Really? Thanks. Accident averted - that was close. I'm sure you have your own favorites. And don't think that my being a lawyer prevents me from hearing all the lawyer jokes and ...
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