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Establishing Responsibility: Negligence, Strict Liability and Intentional Conduct

If you have been injured in Scranton, but don't know whether you have a solid case against the party that caused your injuries, then you should speak with a Scranton personal injury lawyer. An experienced Scranton personal injury attorney will tell you that establishing legal responsibility, or liability, is among the first tasks you and your attorney will need to tackle.

There are really three kinds of liability: negligence, strict liability and intentional conduct. Negligence means a failure to act with proper caution or reasonable care. Strict liability refers to situations in which defendants can be held accountable regardless of intent. Intentional conduct is just as it sounds - it refers to situations in which one party willfully or intentionally harms another.

A Scranton injury lawyerat Rogan Law can work with accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, economists, private investigators and other qualified professionals to conduct investigations and to act as expert witnesses for your case, helping to prove the liability of the defendant in your Scranton accident case. If someone else caused your injuries, then we will work with you to prove it.

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