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NEPA Dog Bite Lawyer

My niece and her family recently returned from a trip through Southern Appalachia, where they spent significant time in a mountain cabin in western North Carolina.

Before going, they read many books about the region, and some of the books included descriptions of the "mountain dogs" that roam there freely. The dogs accompany their people when they can be of service and return home daily to eat and sleep, but otherwise have the mountains to explore at their leisure.

True to their promise, and much to the kids' delight, mountain dogs did roam the neighborhood where my niece's family stayed. Some dogs remained in their own yards, though unleashed, while others made regular daily appearances all around the mountain, almost as if patrolling the place. The dogs seemed friendly enough if you kept your distance, but got "iffy" and territorial if approached, which was funny, considering how broadly they defined their territory!

This must be a cultural thing, because in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) we have stringent leash laws that prevent such roaming, and those laws are enforced. We also have laws protecting people from dangerous dogs and prescribing ways to recover damages when people are severely bitten.

Dogs stop being cute when they injure people. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, then you should speak with an NEPA dog bite attorney to see whether you can take legal action against the dog owner or other responsible person. A NEPA dog bite lawyer from Rogan Law will provide you with a free consultation regarding the strength of your case and with your options for legal action.

If you have been bitten by a dog in NEPA, then contact an NEPA dog bite attorney at Rogan Law today.