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Attempted Kidnapping

State Police Investigate Attempted Kidnapping.

Kidnapping is the crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by either force or by fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will with an intent to carry that person away at a later time. The purposes of kidnapping are often to gain a ransom, to facilitate the commission of another felony, to terrorize or hurt the victim or third party, or to interfere with a government or political function. All jurisdictions treat kidnapping or attempted kidnapping as a felony.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that state police are investigating an attempted kidnapping which took place in Pike County on Saturday evening. The attempted kidnapper pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road and began questioning the victim, a young boy, and then reportedly tried to grab the boy and put him in the vehicle. Luckily the boy hit the perpetrator with a skateboard and escaped.

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