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Innocent Ohio Man Free after 29 Years

Today on NPR, I heard the story of an Ohio man who was wrongly convicted of rape, served over 30 years in prison, and then, thanks to the work of the Ohio Innocence Project, was freed after DNA evidence proved he could not have committed the crime for which he was incarcerated. This story that reminds me why my work as as a Scranton criminal appeals lawyer is so important.

The most amazing part of the story came in the form of the man's response when asked whether he would demand an apology: "'It was just a process, you know, the DNA,' he said. 'It just took a couple years to get to it. We finally got to it and the job was done.'" I don't know whether I could be so understanding in his shoes.

The criminal appeals process holds an incredibly important place in the work of a Scranton criminal defense attorney. Appeals are time-sensitive and can be complex because they are handled by a higher court than the one in which they were originally tried - a Scranton criminal defense lawyer who knows the process inside and out is absolutely essential, as there is no room for error.

Rogan Law will aggressively seek relief through appeals whenever a reversal or retrial is possible, and it will be our number one goal to obtain a different outcome for your case. If you need a Scranton criminal appeals attorney, then you should contact Rogan Law as soon as possible.