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Stroudsburg, Monroe County Appeal

Some news broke recently regarding a potential Stroudsburg, Monroe County appeal.

Last Friday, I learned that a Monroe County jury had convicted Hugo Selenski of robbery and kidnapping. The case was major news, as Selenski had already been tried and found not guilty in other well-publicized cases, including two murders and a jail escape. Selenski still faces charges in Luzerne County for a double murder.

WBRE reported that Selenski's attorney plans to appeal the conviction, claiming that allowing evidence from the upcoming Luzerne County murder trial in the Monroe County trial was unconstitutional.

Whether Selenski's appeal will be successful remains to be seen. His case will be reviewed by a higher court, which could reverse the guilty verdict or even grant an entirely new trial.

During an appeal, many aspects of an original trial may be challenged, including misconduct on the part of the prosecutor, judicial errors, and ineffective assistance of your original attorney. But appeals must be files promptly - you only have a certain window of time within which to act.

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