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With warm weather arriving, I am thinking about summer and the delicious foods that come along with it. Foods that I used to take for granted, though, I have recently begun to reconsider after watching a few films and doing some reading about the food industry, factory farms, sustainable agriculture and what it means to "keep it local."

A great place to start if you're interested in learning more about these issues is with the Academy Award nominated documentary film, FOOD, Inc. Another resource that might help you act on your newly discovered food literacy is Buy Fresh Buy Local, a website that lists farms, farmers markets and businesses that emphasize locally produced foods throughout NEPA.

Among the businesses listed is Journey's End, an organic family farm and maple syrup operation in Wayne County that offers the public opportunities to engage in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) by purchasing a weekly share of the farm's produce. When you join a CSA, you get much more than food; you get a relationship with the people who worked to produce it, a sense of the land from which it came, new friends, and a chance to make a positive difference in your community.

The local food movement is all about thinking through the consequences of our actions and taking responsibility for our choices. In some ways, my work as a Wayne County personal injury lawyer deals with similar issues. Many people do not think before they act, and some people act in ways that overtly harm others. When someone else's irresponsibility causes you injury, you need to speak with a reputable Wayne County personal injury attorney.

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