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Scranton, PA Drug DUI

Though we hear warnings against drinking and driving this time of year, we rarely hear similar admonishments against driving under the influence of other drugs. This is unfortunate, because a Scranton, PA DUI - under the influence charges, alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise, or any combination thereof - is serious business.

In Pennsylvania, persons found driving under the influence of drugs and incapable of safe driving will automatically be charged as if they had the highest BAC (blood alcohol content) possible. This can be very severe for anyone, even a first time offender.

Help is available for those who cannot stop using drugs on their own. Talk to a trusted doctor or counselor, or find a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) fellowship.

If you are arrested for a Scranton, PA DUI, then you should request to speak with an attorney immediately, and exercise your right to remain silent. In speaking, you might accidentally incriminate yourself, leading the way for law enforcement to build a case against you.

By hiring a Scranton, PA drug crime attorney at Rogan Law, you will secure a legal representative who will work to defend your legal rights and to have your charges lowered or dismissed entirely.

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