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Scranton PA Child Pornography Lawyer

Figuring out how to find a Scranton PA child pornography lawyer isn't an easy thing to do, but sometimes, innocent people do find themselves charged with sex crimes and needing a legal advocate. Rogan Law can help.

Today's Pocono Record reports that a recent Associated Press investigation found cases in which innocent people were accused and even convicted of possessing child pornography because viruses had infected their computers, leaving pornographic images in their wake. These people found it extremely difficult to convince anyone of their innocence, largely because real pedophiles often use any excuse they can find, including the computer virus excuse, to explain away their behavior.

However, as the article explains, not every person who has child pornography on his or her computer is responsible for putting it there. Though law enforcement and the public are often quick to assume the worst, other explanations remain possible.

Child pornography is a serious sex crime and a form of child molestation, exploitation and abuse. It is defined as a depiction of a child or minor under the age of fourteen involved in specific sexual activities, and it generates a multibillion dollar business that often involves the use of the internet to trade photos, videos and recordings.

If you are facing child pornography charges, then you need a Scranton PA child pornography attorney who will fight aggressively to demonstrate your innocence. A Scranton PA child pornography lawyer from Rogan Law will bring experience and integrity to your defense. Contact us today.