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Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI

As the holiday season approaches, I want to take a moment to remind everyone of the serious damage drunk drivers can do. If you drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, then you are risking your own life and the lives of others. Even where you manage somehow not to cause an accident, you still risk Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI charges.

If you are looking ahead to the holidays with concerns about whether you can control your drinking, then please reach out to someone who can help. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is just one of many programs to which you might turn for support.

If you do make the wrong choice and end up with Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI charges, then don't layer one poor choice on top of another. Choose a Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney who is capable of effectively handling your case.

A Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI defense lawyer from Rogan Law will defend you against your charges, even where breath or blood tests showed your BAC to be over the legal limit. Let Rogan Law defend you against Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI charges.