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  • Serious Injury Attorney for NEPA

    || 25-Jan-2011

    Over the past few weeks, I, like most Americans, have been following with interest the story of the Tucson shooting. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot during a townhall meeting outside a Safeway grocery store on January 8, has enthralled the nation with her fighter's spirit and compelling will to make a recovery, but for each positive milestone she reaches in her recuperation, we ...
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  • Scranton Serious Injury Lawyer

    || 19-Oct-2010

    The hospitals and emergency rooms of Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties are filled with people who have sustained serious injuries and will, undoubtedly, be stuck with a mountain of medical bills for their treatment. An ordinary day can quickly turn into an unexpected disaster, and during a time like this, the last thing you want to deal with is the stress and confusion of medical bills. Injuries ...
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  • If you have been injured in Scranton, but don't know whether you have a solid case against the party that caused your injuries, then you should speak with a Scranton personal injury lawyer. An experienced Scranton personal injury attorney will tell you that establishing legal responsibility, or liability, is among the first tasks you and your attorney will need to tackle. There are really ...
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  • Scranton Serious Injuries Attorney

    || 29-Jun-2010

    Accidents caused by a negligent party unfortunately happen all the time. Walk into any local emergency room, and you are likely to meet someone whose injuries were sustained as a result of such an accident. Some injuries are particularly grievous. Serious injuries, also known as catastrophic injuries or critical injuries, are those which hinder a person's ability to function as normal or to ...
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  • Scranton Slip and Fall Attorney

    || 7-Dec-2009

    Now that the ground is covered with snow, here's a winter time reminder to everyone out there from somebody who sees Scranton personal injury lawsuits every day: Take care of your property and make sure that your negligence does not result in someone else's injury. Standing water, spills, uneven walkways, broken stairs - all of these are made worse by icy and slippery weather conditions. ...
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