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9 People Arrested in Pittston Drug Ring

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Drug charges are some of the most common criminal charges filed by police in Pennsylvania and across the country. Suspects are often charged not only with possession of the substance, but are also charged with the more serious offense of intent to deliver a controlled substance. According to Pennsylvania criminal law statutes, in order to convict a suspected "drug dealer" with intent to deliver a controlled substance, the Government must prove both possession and intent to deliver the drugs in the suspect's possession. Intent to deliver may be inferred from the totality of the circumstances surrounding the possession of the drugs.

Some factors the Government considers in determining if the "dealer" did intend to sell the specific drugs in possession are

(1) quantity of drugs seized (more than the typical use of an individual);

(2) presence of drug paraphernalia (ex. plastic bags, scales);

(3) presence of large amounts of cash;

(4) method of drug packaging or form of the drug;

(5) the suspect's behavior and reactions to police; and

(6) testimony of expert witnesses familiar with the illegal drug trade.

The Citizens Voice reports that 9 people were arrested in connection with "drug bust" last night in Pittston. The individuals arrested are allegedly involved in a drug enterprise that involves several Pittston businesses and residential homes. Weapons, cash, a bullet proof vest, and drugs were seized during the arrest.

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