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Edwardsville Sunoco Robbed

Teenagers can stray down the wrong path both quickly and without a good understanding of the seriousness of their behavior. The reckless nature of misguided or wild teens often ends with trouble with police and prison. Society, schools, and religious organizations all try to steer teens in the right direction but all too frequently are left with the gut-wrenching realization that their efforts were in vain.

When your teenage son, brother, cousin, or friend is arrested for robbery, the anger and disbelief can be overwhelming. You need a person who can give you sound and effective legal advice quickly in order to prevent any further mistakes. Covering for a loved-one seems like a good decision but could lead you to prison as well.

Don't let a teenager's stupid decision ruin anyone's life. Call Attorney Patrick M. Rogan for experienced legal counsel.

The Citizens Voice reports that two Edwardsville teens were identified as the suspects in a violent robbery of a Sunoco convenient store at 5 P.M. on Sunday. The suspects beat the clerk and brandished a knife before making off with hundreds of dollars in cash and merchandise. The clerk is recovering from minor injuries.

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