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It's Halloween, and if the pumpkins and goblins don't help you remember, then an article in today's Times-Tribune might make it difficult for you to forget. The article deals with the age-old issue of grave robberies, and the fact that, nationwide, guards and police are on high alert for potential offenders on Halloween night.

Talk about needing a Scranton theft attorney, right? Can you imagine being wanted for grave theft?

Regardless of the nature of your Scranton theft charges, having the right Scranton theft attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. A criminal lawyer from Rogan Law will know how to effectively address any eyewitness testimony present in your case, because sometimes what people think they see is not what it seems to be - even when it's not Halloween!

Don't leave the outcome of your Scranton theft charges to chance.

Contact a Scranton criminal defense lawyer from Rogan Law today. A criminal attorney from Rogan Law will do everything he can to resolve your theft charges in the best possible way. Call today.