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Should You Let a Maintenance Worker into your Home?

Investigators Continue to Search for Home Invader Posing as Gas Worker

The published a photo sketch of the man that entered a woman's home in Forty-Fort posing as gas utility employee and then assaulted her inside of her home. The owner of the home harmlessly let the man into her house and then suffered an attack from the imposter maintenance man. Investigators report that the assailant is a 6 ft. tall white male in his 50's.

The story of criminals posing as ordinary maintenance workers has all too often ended in tragedy. However, the danger of allowing anyone into your home, even lawful employees is ever-present. Earlier this year, a 35-yr old doctor was brutally murdered by an on-duty exterminator in Philadelphia. reported that Dr. Melissa Ketunuti hired an extermintor to enter her home and that an argument ensued while they were inside. The exterminator then struck the woman, strangled her, then burnt her body in the basement. The Philadelphia police were notified after Dr. Ketununi's dog walker found her body in the basement of her home. The exterminator was arrested and is charged with murder and abusing a corpse.

These horrific events are all too common in today's world. Home owners must protect themselves from unknown individuals entering their private homes and ensure they are able to contact the police in the event of an emergency.