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Negligent Chemical Company Leads to Meningitis Outbreak

Chemical Company's Negligence Leads to Meningitis Outbreak

A New England chemical manufacturing company which produced medicine used in "steroid" injections on patients suffering from spinal injury has caused a nationwide meningitis outbreak due to their negligence.

The company was injecting patients with a chemical mixture which contained a rare form of "fungal meningitis." The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has attributed the tainted "steroid' mixture to dirty working conditions and lax prevention/testing standards by the company.

Sadly the company's negligence has attributed to 28 deaths and over 300 serious illnesses due to infecting people with fungal meningitis.

Unlike bacterial meningitis, which can be spread through physical contact or through the air we breathe, fungal meningitis can only affect people who receive the steroid injections.

The injections are commonly referred to as "Cortisone shots" but are actually Epidural Injections which are primarily used to alleviate back pain. The fluid is injected directly into the spinal canal which causes serious treatment problems due to the nature of spinal fluid and necessity of intravenous anti-fungal medicine to combat the spread of the disease.

Another deadly factor is the possible incubation period of the meningitis. Symptoms may not arise until weeks after the injection, leaving patients unaware of the deadly virus inside their body. Symptoms of fungal meningitis are headache, nausea, stiff neck, slurred speech etc. An infected individual may think they have the flu or muscle ache when the sad reality is that they were infected with this deadly disease due to negligence of the chemical manufacturer.

The most important step an infected person can take is to seek immediate medical treatment to combat the deadly disease. The next step is to seek legal help in holding this negligent company accountable for its terrible and senseless destruction of lives.

A person seeking compensation for pain, suffering, loss of mobility, or the death of a loved one, should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A Scranton personal injury lawyer can file a products liability suit against a negligent manufacturer of a bad drug or any defective product which causes injury due to negligence by the company.

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