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Natural Gas Drilling - Township Ordinance Fails to Remove Compressor Station

Township Ordinance Fails to Prevent Compressor Station Operating in Residential Area

New Century Pipeline (New Century) appealed a ruling from a Common Pleas judge stating that the Township of Bradford's ordinance banning a compressor station in a residential area.

The natural gas company, New Century, argued that Bradford's ordinance was unlawful because a compressor station was "equipment necessary" in the natural gas drilling process and thus allowed in the residential district.

Bradford argued that the compressor station was not "equipment necessary" to drilling and could only be allowed in the manufacturing district of Bradford.

New Century had several expert witnesses testify that "compressor stations are an essential part of the gus pumping operation." "Without compressor stations, "natural gas wells have no value since the gas cannot go into a pipeline without being stripped and compressed."

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania sided with the gas industry and ruled that the Bradford ordinance was unlawful because compressor stations are "equipment necessary" to the production and process of natural gas drilling.

The overall outcome of the case is the allowance of compressor stations in the residential area of Bradford Township. Many homes, parks, and residential structures are in close proximity to large quantities of compressed gas.

Pennsylvania lawmakers have taken many steps to balance the protection of its citizens from the hazards of natural gas production with the promotion of responsible business practices in the industry; ordinary citizens can still be harmed. The dangers of industrialization have been a part of life since King Coal reigned in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The natural gas industry has brought thousands of jobs to the area and helped create a booming economy in once quiet and distant towns. Although there are many benefits to the production of local resources; accidents still happen despite our best efforts.

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