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Pennsylvania Bans Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is an easily avoidable habit that could land you a fine, prison time, or even cause serious car accidents! On Thursday, Pennsylvania joins several other states across the nation to make it illegal to text while driving a car in order to preserve road safety and reduce negligent driving.

Negligent drivers are one of the leading causes of traffic accidents and countless avoidable tragedies in our nation. Negligence is found when a person owes a duty to others, breaches that duty, and the breach of that duty is the cause of injury or damage to others. Drivers owe a duty to other travelers and pedestrians to drive responsibly and abide by traffic regulations. The duty is breached by a careless driver when they cause an accident or drive off the road into another person's property.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that the new law authorizes police officers to pull over vehicles in which the driver is using a cellular phone for texting. However, enforcement may be difficult because the law does not ban dialing a number on a cell phone. Confusion and inconsistent enforcement may result from the ambiguity in the verbiage of the law. The offense carries a $50 fine and is classified as a summary offense.

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