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Hazelton Arson

What is Arson? What if I didn't try to start a fire? Call ROGAN LAW for help!

According to Pennsylvania statutes, arson is defined as intentionally starting a fire or explosion, or aiding, counseling, paying or agreeing to pay another person to cause a fire, whether on your own property or the property of another person. If the fire endangers another person or inhabitant, the charges and consequences are much more severe. If a person inside the building, whether a firefighter or tenant, dies as a result of the fire, the arsonist can be charged with murder!

The Citizens Voice reports that over 20 Hazelton residents were evacuated and have been displaced because an intentionally set fire destroyed the building they all lived in. Luckily no one was killed during the blaze, but the former tenants are left without their home and personal belongings because of the alleged arson.

Arson is a very serious charge and carries a felony classification. If you have been charged with intentionally setting fire to a building and know it was accidental, you need an experienced Hazelton criminal defense lawyer. Don't risk losing your freedom and suffering a long prison sentence for a crime you are innocent of! An arson defense attorney will listen to your side of the story and ensure your legal rights are protected. A Wilkes-Barre defense attorney can try to get the charges dropped or reduced if you are charged with arson!

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