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Good News, for a Change

I'm always reading the newspaper and commenting on it in these blogs, and oftentimes, the news is less than good. However, today's Times-Tribune cheered me up with an article reporting that Bloomberg BusinessWeek has named the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area the tenth strongest job market in America.

That doesn't mean we are where we need to be in terms of jobs or our economy, but it does mean we are poised to begin seeing and feeling some effects from economic recovery efforts in the near future.

But I have some lingering concerns. The promise of Marcellus Shale gas extraction is one of the factors creating employer optimism and raising our ranking. It remains to be proven to my satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of many residents in our region, that the natural gas industry knows how to drill safely in and around our watersheds. It would be a tragedy if we permitted industry interests and short-term economic recovery to threaten our long-term health and sustainability as a region.

Still, I remain heartened and hopeful that those among us who have struggled the most through this recession will get some well-deserved relief very, very soon.

In the meantime, if you are someone who shares my concerns about Marcellus Shale gas drilling, and especially if you and your family are poised to feel the direct impact of the drilling industry on your land, water, air or health, then you should contact a Marcellus Shale attorney at Rogan Law as soon as possible.

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