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Sex Crimes in Scranton

According to the Times-Tribune, a Scranton man has been charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and related offenses after allegedly lying to two young girls about his age and having sex with them.

These very serious criminal charges will require the services of an experienced Scranton criminal defense attorney who will properly defend this client, someone most people would prefer to denigrate and punish even before he has had the benefit of a fair trial.

Persons accused of Scranton sex crimes need a Scranton sex crimes attorney committed to ensuring that clients' rights are not violated by law enforcement and investigators. Rogan Law offers an aggressive defense to clients facing misdemeanor or felony sex crimes charges throughout Scranton and the surrounding region.

If you have been accused of Scranton sex crimes, then you should contact a Scranton sex crimes lawyer at Rogan Law to schedule a free consultation today.