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Pike County Child Pornography

A local Roman Catholic priest is facing Pike County child pornography charges. The man, who served as an assistant pastor in different parishes and taught in several local Catholic schools, has worked in the diocese of Scranton since 1992.

In the state of Pennsylvania, child pornography is a very serious sex crime. Pike county child pornography charges require the expertise of a skilled Milford criminal defense attorney. A Milford criminal defense lawyer from Rogan Law knows what to expect when law enforcement and the FBI join forces to subdue and punish alleged perpetrators of this highly illegal and contemptible crime.

Child pornography and other sex crimes carry a social stigma that often is unforgettable. But persons accused of such crimes deserve a hard-hitting criminal defense from a Milford sex crime attorney who vigorously attempts to obtain a case win. A Milford sex crime lawyer from Rogan Law will help ensure that clients' rights are not violated by law enforcement and investigators, and will conduct his own investigation in an attempt to have charges lowered or dismissed.

If you need a Pike County child pornography lawyer, then contact Rogan Law.