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Scranton White Collar Crime

Much like mafia families having been glamorized on TV and in the movies, white collar criminals have sometimes been depicted in enticing ways by the entertainment industry. A brand new show on the USA Network called White Collar does just this, playing up a white collar criminal's charm, intelligence and sophistication.

In real life, however, white collar crime is seldom entertaining. Investigations of Scranton white collar crime often involve law enforcement, the FBI and the IRS. Under most circumstances, investigators will have accumulated a substantial amount of evidence before charges are filed. Not so fun.

A Scranton white collar crimes attorney from Rogan Law can aggressively challenge Scranton white collar crime charges.

As a premier Scranton white collar crime lawyer, I am committed to ensuring that I safeguard my clients' legal rights at all times. I always strive to keep a client out of jail or prison by aggressively challenging the government's case.

Rogan Law offers aggressive defense skills to clients facing misdemeanor or felony, state or federal, Scranton white collar crime charges.

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