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Now Is the Right Time to Hire a Lawyer

If you or a loved one is currently involved in a criminal case, you might be aware that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, judicial processes carried out by Pennsylvania courts have been considerably altered. For example, some proceedings are no longer held in person, and alternate means of handling them (such as video conferencing) are encouraged. Jury trials have also be suspended, resulting in many criminal cases being pushed back for months – some may not even be heard until later this year.

Many people who learn that their cases have been postponed might reason that hiring a criminal defense attorney now is unnecessary. But this is flawed thinking. Right now is the best time to retain legal representation, and there are several reasons for this.

Getting to Know You

Although one person charged with a crime such as burglary may be prosecuted under the same law as another individual accused of the same offense, each person's situation itself is different. Not only are the facts of the case separate, but the individuals allegedly involved in them are also distinct. Thus, the strategy a lawyer uses to defend a case should be as unique as their clients.

To understand your distinct qualities and the uniqueness of your situation, your attorney needs time to get to know you. They might learn a lot about your case during an initial consultation, but it's only after spending a couple of hours or days with you that they can begin to understand how to approach your case.

Right now, when court processes are halted, there is ample time for your attorney to learn about you and the facts of your case. You and your lawyer can discuss your goals and needs without feeling time-constraint pressures. Getting legal representation on your side even when jury trials aren't being held can go a long way in developing a strong professional relationship and a legal strategy tailored just for you.

Gathering Evidence

When many people think of a criminal case, they think of negotiations with a prosecutor or, most often, a court trial. But these are generally (but not always) the final stages of a lengthy process.

Preparing to present your side of the story, whether to a prosecutor, judge, or jury, takes a considerable amount of time, much of which is spent collecting and preserving evidence relevant to your case.

Depending on the offense you've been accused of, your attorney might have to gather various documents or look at surveillance footage. They may even have to identify witnesses who can provide statements that can help defend your innocence. The evidence-gathering stage of a criminal case requires significant legwork. If your case has been pushed back a couple of months, your attorney has more time to get the information they need to build and strengthen your defense.

Analyzing the Evidence

After your attorney has gathered evidence in your case, they must then analyze it. This means looking at it through a legal lens to see how it refutes the assertions made against you. Your attorney will be working on putting together the pieces of a very complex puzzle and identifying areas where parts are missing – specifically those coming from the prosecutor's case. The more time they have to do this, the greater the chances are of finding something that may have slipped through the cracks otherwise.

Developing Your Defense

Building a strong defense requires having a thorough understanding of your case and the laws concerning your alleged offense. It's also necessary to anticipate the prosecutor's arguments to counter their attacks. When you hire a lawyer now, you give them time to really go over everything and develop the appropriate tactics to defend your innocence.

Get Started on Your Case Now

Your case may be postponed, but that doesn't mean you should wait to begin building your defense. A lot needs to be done in a criminal matter and getting started now allows you and your attorney to put the necessary attention into your case.

At Rogan Law, we have over 30 years of legal experience and know what it takes to fight criminal charges. Our lawyer is ready to begin defending you and expend the effort needed to develop a solid strategy for your particular situation.

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