What is My Injury Case Worth?

After being injured at the fault of another person, you are entitled to compensation for the damages involved. We take into account the financial, emotional and physical hardships that you may be enduring after an accident. Different types of accidents and injuries can warrant different values of compensation. The worth or value of the case will depend on a variety of different factors, including:

  • The injuries acquired
  • The type of accident
  • The medical expenses (current and future)
  • The long-term effects of the injuries
  • Your lost wages (gross amount)
  • Any property damage

The challenge in any personal injury case is determining the worth or cost of your injuries. The easier aspect is the medical costs and parts of the case that have a monetary value. When it comes to your physical or mental pain and suffering, it can be more difficult to determine worth. With the help of a competent and aggressive personal injury lawyer in Scranton you have a better chance of receiving the full, fair and adequate compensation that you deserve.

Understanding the full effect of your injuries is key to any personal injury case. To do so, you need to determine the full gross amount of your wages lost as well as any future earning capacity that has been diminished. After that, your pain and suffering is a significant aspect. This involves a loss of enjoyment in life or chronic pain as a result. The way to determine the severity of your injury, we often take into account any loss of strength, disfigurement, disability and any long-term effects. Do not settle for less than you deserve, let us help you fight for the full settlement for your injury case. Contact Rogan Law at your earliest convenience and we can set up your free case evaluation.