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Scott Twp. Theft

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Theft is the unlawful taking of another person's property with the intent to deprive the use of that property by it's rightful owner. Theft is one of the highest invasions of property rights behind burglary. In many cases, someone you know and trust can steal your property without warning or indication. The most vulnerable victims are often small business owners who have equipment stored in easily accessible areas.

Even the smallest theft can put a small business owner in financial peril. Today's economy doesn't leave much room for wasted or stolen property in running a business. Judges understand the fragile nature of the small business and intend to protect hard-working small business owners. It is a serious matter to the owner and the alleged thief faces serious penalties if caught.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that a third man was charged in connection to a Scott Twp. theft. The three men stole equipment for snow plows and then sold the parts on Ebay. The men are charged with theft, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property.

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