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Closing Arguments in Federal Criminal Case

How should a lawyer do a closing argument? Does the order of closing arguments matter?

In a criminal case in the Federal Court System, Middle District of Pennsylvania, the order of closing arguments goes as follows:

1. Prosecution (Government)

2. Defense Attorney

3. Prosecution (usually a brief rebuttal)

The challenge for any defense attorney to persuade a jury is more difficult because of the psychological effects of primacy and recency in trying to persuade an audience. Jurors should understand the effects of closing statements while deliberating because a good attorney certainly will.

Primacy is what you hear first. A typical person remembers what they hear first and often forgets information sandwiched in the middle or buried in details. Recency is what you hear last in an argument, conversation, or any form of communication.

A seasoned local attorney from ROGAN LAW will ensure that the odds are not stacked against you.

A great closing argument requires a great lawyer. Fight for your legal rights!