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Federal Court - What is a "pattern of activity" in child pornography case?

Are you facing federal criminal charges? Is your freedom at stake?

Federal crimes and sentences often carry very long and stiff penalties upon conviction or rendering of guilty plea. To ensure your rights are being protected you must first understand federal laws and guidelines.

In dealing with sentencing issues in federal court for "sex crimes" and "child pornography" offenses; there is a sentencing enhancement imposed upon a defendant if the defendant is found to have a "pattern of activity" which results in exploitation of children or sexual abuse.

Pattern of activity involving the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor is defined as any combination of two or more instances of sexual abuse or exploitation of a child be the defendant whether or not the abuse (A) occurred during the course of the offense you are currently in court for; (B) involved the same or different victims; or (C) resulted in a conviction or guilty plea.

Even if the conduct happened several years earlier, involved different children, and never resulted in a conviction or jail time; you can still be sentenced to serve a longer jail sentence if the "pattern of activity" is proven. Child pornography possession is deemed to be part of the pattern of activity even if you never physically touched a child before.

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