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Scranton Juvenile Felonies Attorney

"Juvenile" and "felony" are two words nobody wants or expects to see used together in a newspaper article, but in yesterday's Times-Tribune, we learned that ten young boys aged fourteen through fifteen from the Scranton area have allegedly committed a series of crimes that include robberies, armed robberies, burglaries and auto thefts over the last four months. Police say more arrests are likely to follow.

Each of these kids is going to need an experienced Scranton felonies attorney who is also a premier Scranton juvenile crimes attorney. The parents of these kids should remember that success rates are much higher in criminal cases where the defendant has an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer as an ally.

Juvenile defendants may easily fall victim to overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement officers fighting for a case win. A child may even be charged as an adult, as seems to be the case with at least one of the Scranton kids in this article, and if convicted then could face incarceration in an adult jail or prison.

Rogan Law provides superior legal representation, guidance, advice and resources to parents in need of a criminal defense attorney who is both a Scranton felonies lawyer and a Scranton juvenile crimes lawyer.

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