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Poconos Dog Bite Lawyer

Lots of people have a story about a dog. Most of the time, the story involves a deep friendship and plenty of love. Scientists have even suggested links between people's experiences with their pets and the people's living longer, healthier lives.

If you are looking for a pet, then a great place to start is Petfinder. Dogs, cats and other little critters are classified by age, size, breed and location so that people in search of animal friends can find a great match. If you prefer, then look directly to your local animal shelter. In the Poconos, the Dessin Animal Shelter is a great place to start.

Unfortunately, there are some people whose dog story is less than heartwarming.

Dog bites and animal attacks do happen, and when they do, they often leave their victims severely injured with broken bones, disfiguring lacerations, and requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery to repair.

If you or your child were bitten or attacked by a dog in Northeast Pennsylvania or the Poconos, then you need a Poconos dog bite attorney. A Poconos dog bite lawyer from Rogan Law will provide you with a free consultation to discuss the incident and determine whether we can take legal action against the dog owner.

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