Kidnapping Defense

Searching for a lawyer for kidnapping in Scranton?

Kidnapping is a serious crime that may be charged as a state or federal offense. Generally, federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors will become involved if the alleged kidnapper takes the victim across state lines or if the case involves offenses across multiple states. Whether charged in state or federal court, however, the defendant will be at risk of facing years of imprisonment and other harsh penalties - or possibly life in prison in certain circumstances.

If you have been implicated in a criminal investigation involving a kidnapping or if you or someone you know has already been arrested for this offense, don't waste any time in discussing your options with an experienced attorney. You need a legal professional who is not only knowledgeable in this field but who has the resources to build an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf.

Consequences of a Kidnapping Conviction

If a defendant is charged with kidnapping under Pennsylvania law, he or she will face first degree felony charges and up to 20 years in prison. This offense is defined as unlawfully removing another person a substantial distance or holding that person in isolation in one place for a substantial period of time, carried out by force, threats, violence or deception. If the victim is less than 14 years old or is disabled, it may be considered kidnapping if he or she is taken without the consent of a parent or guardian. To be charged as a first degree felony, the prosecution will need to prove that the defendant committed kidnapping for one of the following reasons:

  • For ransom or as a hostage;
  • To assist in the carrying out of a felony offense or flight after the commission of a felony offense;
  • To cause bodily injury or terrorize the victim or another person; or
  • To interfere with the duties of public officials or the performance of a government agency.