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  • Mistakes, Tragedy, and Death

    || 13-Sep-2013

    A prank. A gun. A tragedy. These are the sad words that will replay in the minds and hearts of the citizens of Longmont, Colorado. Last Friday, a prank went horribly wrong and left a young woman dead and a family and town in shock. A young woman snuck into a house to scare a friend and the friend reacted by shooting who he thought to be an intruder. The legal consequences of such a tragic event ...
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  • Should You Let a Maintenance Worker into your Home?

    || 22-Mar-2013

    Investigators Continue to Search for Home Invader Posing as Gas Worker The published a photo sketch of the man that entered a woman's home in Forty-Fort posing as gas utility employee and then assaulted her inside of her home. The owner of the home harmlessly let the man into her house and then suffered an attack from the imposter maintenance man. Investigators report that the ...
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  • Oscar Pistorius Saga: Murder or Mistake?

    || 26-Feb-2013

    CNN reports that prosecutors in South Africa are seeking to charge Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius with premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day. Pistorius stated that he fired shots into the bathroom believing that there was an intruder inside and adamantly denies any allegation that he intended to shoot Reeva. Although the shocking and ...
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  • Hazelton Arson

    || 8-Mar-2012

    What is Arson ? What if I didn't try to start a fire? Call ROGAN LAW for help! According to Pennsylvania statutes, arson is defined as intentionally starting a fire or explosion, or aiding, counseling, paying or agreeing to pay another person to cause a fire, whether on your own property or the property of another person. If the fire endangers another person or inhabitant, the charges and ...
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  • Drive-By Shooting

    || 27-Sep-2011

    Wilkes-Barre Drive-By Shooting. Cities have been plagued by gun violence for years and have left police and investigators baffled as to the means to prevent and stop the violence. A common form of intimidation and gun violence used by criminals has been drive-by shootings. Drive-by shootings allow the assailant to leave the scene quickly as well as to prevent the identification of the shooter by ...
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  • Scranton Bar Stabbing

    || 19-Sep-2011

    Scranton Police Search for Suspect in Bar Stabbing. Assault is the knowing or intentional infliction of bodily harm upon another. Aggravated assault is more serious than simple assault and usually involves some object used as a weapon and/or an intent to cause serious bodily injury to the other person. The object need not be a knife or gun, but could be any object used to inflict bodily harm upon ...
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  • Old Forge Gunman Arrested

    || 25-Jan-2010

    The Times-Tribune reports that Old Forge schools were shut down and several local roads closed this afternoon while police worked to apprehend an alleged gunman roaming in and out of the woods in a residential and business neighborhood near West Oak Street Cemetery. Thank goodness, Old Forge pizza production appears to have remained unaffected. In all seriousness, a man with a gun trying to escape ...
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  • Thoughts from a Pocono Criminal Defense Lawyer

    || 8-Jan-2010

    In the 1960s, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted experiments aimed at measuring everyday people's willingness to perform violent acts against others when told to do so by an authority figure. You may remember the results from psychology class: 65% of participants, obeying the authority figure's orders, inflicted maximum levels of pain on the experimental subject. Of ...
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  • Dunmore, Lackawanna County Drug Charges

    || 27-Sep-2009

    The Times-Tribune reports that when Dunmore police visited an apartment on Veterans Drive on Friday night to investigate a robbery, they did not find the alleged robber they sought, but did find drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain view. After obtaining a warrant, the police discovered cocaine, heroin, marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia inside the apartment. They arrested six people, ...
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  • Economics, Education and Crime in Northeast Pennsylvania

    || 4-Sep-2009

    Today's Times-Tribune reports that at least ten preschools in Lackawanna, Wayne and Susquehanna counties have either remained closed or are on the verge of closing due to the state budget impasse. The article also discusses new research which suggests that kids who attend preschool are only half as likely to wind up in prison as kids who do not. The article then segues back to economics, with ...
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  • The Times-Tribune reports that police have arrested three members of the Bloods street gang, including two West Scranton High School students, on criminal homicide charges. The three young men - ages 17, 18 and 25 - were sent to Lackawanna County Prison without bail. West Scranton High School's website states that the school "is a microcosm of the community it serves." This likely is ...
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