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Northeast PA Criminal Conspiracy

Our local news is unfortunately loaded with stories about people involved or allegedly involved with northeast PA criminal conspiracies.

Early this month, the Lackawanna County SWAT team arrested two men in Clarks Summit for "felony charges of criminal conspiracy and possession of heroin and crack with intent to deliver," and one woman for "felony conspiracy and criminal use of a communication facility and a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of children." (The Times-Tribune, 6/3/09)

In Luzerne County, a former county president judge recently pled "guilty to tax fraud and conspiracy for accepting $2.6 million in kickbacks in connection with county juvenile detention contracts." (The Times-Tribune, 6/10/09).

Even more recently, in an alleged murder plot, a Moscow, Lackawanna County man pled guilty to "criminal conspiracy to commit simple assault and corruption of minors," (The Times-Tribune, 6/18/09) and a Honesdale, Wayne County teen was charged with "two counts of conspiracy and criminal solicitation of murder." (The Times-Tribune, 6/12/09)

One thing you might notice about all these cases is that conspiracy charges seldom come alone. Because conspiracy is typically linked with other criminal offenses, you may be charged with both conspiracy and whatever other crimes were intended to be committed - even if only one overt act is carried out by any single member of the criminal conspiracy.

If you or someone you know is investigated for or charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, then you need help from an experienced northeast PA criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense lawyer from Rogan Law can help prevent your facing heightened penalties from multiple offenses.

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