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Charged with Violent Crimes in Monroe County

It is not uncommon for people to be charged with violent crimes in Monroe County. But what causes some people to become violent while others never do?

Following the recent, shocking mass murder at a Binghamton, NY immigrant center, the Pocono Record published and article about what triggers such killing sprees. Experts who were interviewed said mass murderers generally share certain characteristics:

  • They experience a major event that makes them both suicidal and vengeful;
  • They usually are middle-aged white males - men commit 93% of violent crimes;
  • They usually are angry at a person, group or place and target the people or places they blame for their anger (though some do kill randomly);
  • They usually have no criminal record; and
  • They usually have no record of psychiatric treatment.

But, when you read these characteristics, you still have to wonder why, because so many people fit this profile and yet never commit a violent crime.

Once a person commits a violent crime, he (or she) cannot change what he has done, no matter how much he may want to. And if a person is charged with committing a violent crime, then he probably feels frightened and nervous about his future.

Frankly, he should. Persons convicted of violent crimes may face harsh penalties that impact their freedom as well as their future ability to obtain employment, loans, housing, etc. In order to have the best chance of overcoming violent charges, the accused person needs an experienced attorney to provide him with unyielding legal support.

If you are facing charges for violent crimes in Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Delaware Water Gap, Mount Pocono or anywhere in Monroe County or throughout Northeast PA and the Poconos, then contact Rogan Law and speak with a Monroe County criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to gather the necessary information and evidence to have your violent charges reduced or dismissed.